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Engine OILS

SAE 50

Our traditional single grade lubricant for engine and transmission for heavy thermal and shear loads. Complies with H-D recommendations up to 1977 for 4-speed big twins and Sportsters up to 1978. This high performance lubricant complies with API CF.

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SAE 20W-50

Our traditional multigrade engine lubricant for all year round usage, suitable for heavy loads. This high performance lubricant complies with API SL.

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Panam Oil SAE 60

SAE 60

Seems it never rains in Mexico … PanAm 60 - the official oil of the El Diablo Run on Baja California, where temperatures above 30 degrees are standard and requirements for the engine lubricants are demanding. But thanks to global warming in Europe, too, the thermometers literally point far north in summer. For our old air-cooled machines this spells significantly more strain which has to be considered. PanAm 60, developed by PanAm Oils in Ohio/USA, meets the increasing demands of vintage and classic bikes, today and in the future.

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Primary Oils


SAE 85W-90

This lubricant is recommended for Sportsters, where transmission and primary drive share one lubricant. This high performance lubricant complies with API GL-4.

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SAE 85W-90

This lubricant is recommended for Sportsters, where transmission and primary drive share one lubricant. This high performance lubricant complies with API GL-4.

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Cleaning and Maintenance Products

PanAm Pan-a-Lube multi-pupose lubrication spray


A heavy duty, multi-pupose lubrication spray which cleans and lubricates surfaces and parts. It protects from corrosion and penetrates into the smallest openings with its powerful capillary action. The special formula of Pan-a-Lube provides long-term protection and lubrication and its low surface tension prevents leak currents and fights moisture. Due to its compact size you can stow it easily in the saddlebag.

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PanAm Grease Fighter brake cleaner

Grease Fighter

A heavy duty brake cleaner which cleans and degreases metal and glass surfaces. It removes oil, grease, resins, tar, wax, dust and dirt - fast and efficiently. Good penetration, evaporates without leaving traces. The PanAm Grease Fighter assures a clean and professional work result.

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PanAm Pan-a-Grease


This little grease tube should be part of any tool roll to soothe squeaky joints and bearings, to ease stubborn pivots, lubrify sluggish cables, etc. With its special lithium-based formula Pan-a-Grease provides long-term protection and lubrication.

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PanAm Aloha Shine Motorcycle Cleaner

Aloha Shine Cleaner

Heavy Duty motorcycle cleaner, particularly formulated for motorcycles. It provides superior cleaning without resorting to harsh chemicals or solvents which can leave a dirt-attracting film or damage sensitive surfaces. Simply spray on and hose off. Product comes in an easy-to-use pump-sprayer.

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PanAm Clean-Funnel


A good funnel is a must have in any workshop when it’s time for an oil change or a refill. The annoying part of these jobs was to stow away the oil dripping funnel into a dark corner where you would find it a few months later contaminated inside-outside with dust, bugs and other debris. The PanAm funnel puts an end to this problem because it features screw-on caps at the top and bottom which can be removed for action and which keep the inside of your funnel perfectly clean during storage. The flexible spout makes it more versatile as it allows to direct the funnel tip in tight spots.

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PanAm Oil Slide

Oil Slide

Oil change without a mess! This rubberized aluminum alloy sheet allows you to form an individual funnel or trough to direct your waste oil from the hard-to-reach oil tank drain hole or oil filter plate to any suitable container. Of course, you can also use it to fill fresh oil into your tank. Tapered at one end so it can be shaped to reach tight spots. You can reshape and use it a thousand times and on different bikes. With suspension eye so you can hang it up for drip-off. Easy to clean.

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PanAm Tork Max

Tork Max

Tork Max' unique formula of friction boosting components helps you open those stubborn, hard to open screws and bolts. Phillips heads, slotted heads, hex heads, socket heads, Tork Max improves the friction between tool and screwhead by up to 800%. No more slipping tools. Gives a sure and positive feel in your screwdriver tip.

Also recommended when mounting high ape hangers or similar handlebars. A few drops of Tork Max applied on the connecting surfaces between handlebar and risers: more friction in the handlebar-riser connection means no more slipping handlebars under acceleration or braking.

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Parts and Accessories

PanAm Barrel Oil Tanks with Filter Adapter

Barrel Oil Tanks with Filter Adapter

A favourite since decades among Chopper builders these oil tanks never fail to look good. But since we couldn’t find Barrel style tanks with filter adapter on the market which are dependably oil tight and cleanly fabricated inside, we have these made in Germany to strict specifications. Precisely made from sturdy steel, with meticulous TIG-welds and machined surface for the oil filter. Their side fill spout makes oil pour a snap without having to move the seat. Features two 5/16”-18 thread bushings on top and one on the bottom to permit easy installation. The oil filter is not included and must be ordered separately.

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Oil Pressure Switch Adapter

Oil Pressure Switch Adapter

Handy little adapter which allows for the installation of late style oil pressure switches and oil pressure gauges on early oil pumps and gear covers.

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Panam Transmission Vent Screw

Transmission Vent Screw

Replaces the stock vent screw on all Big Twin transmissions 1936–79, which is often plugged by dirt. A plugged vent screw causes pressure build-up and consecutive oil-leaking. To make things worse an open OEM  vent screw allows water to enter the transmission case when riding in the rain or washing the bike. Our new style vent screw with tube easily solves both problems.

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Specialties dedicated to the Panamericana

PanAm Open Face Helmets

PanAm Open Face Helmets

With this helmet PanAm is celebrating an epic ride that was the starting point of the PanAm brand: they went back to the days when a bunch of intrepid riders were fighting mud, mosquitoes and torrential rain in the jungles of Panama, trying to ride the Panamericana Highway where it gets lost between alligator swamps and misty mountain ranges: in the Darien gap.

This helmet was going to be like a helmet should be. As compact as possible, at the same time safe and sound. There‘s people who know how to do it, and they found them. They went for the original beer-yellow, adorning the rigid Harleys way back when, and the PanAm packaging today. As an additional reminder to the origins of the PanAm brand, the stylized Panamericana Highway winds its way around the proud owner‘s head. A pump jack icon signifies the importance of good lubrication for those big twins carrying us over this world‘s highways.

You’re buying a helmet that is equally at home on the Panamericana Highway, on an Alaskan ice road or way down Tierra del Fuego on the dusty ruta 40. It wouldn‘t look out of place in the rue de Trèves in Brussels too, even if doesn‘t have an ECE homologation …

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PanAm Saddlebags


As nice as stock rigid frame saddlebags, or reproductions of them, may look, for those real long hauls they are not what you would call the ideal solution due to their limited storage room. The leather saddlebags offered here were tour equipment on the bikes that we rode to Patagonia and Fireland and to the Northwest Territories/Canada during the W&W World’s End Runs because they offer plenty of storage room for big luggage and more. They mount with Army style pin-strips or two straps, ideally to our PanAm or original heavy duty luggage carriers which feature the matching holes. Made from tough cowhide leather, with three front straps and chrome buckles to close them.

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PanAm Luggage Carriers

Luggage Carriers

Heavy-duty luggage carrier which stands up to severe loads without bending down to the fender. The version offered here is a reproduction of the stock WLA carrier but it fits all 750 cc W-models and Big Twins with rigid frame. It features side-strips with slots for WLA saddlebags or PanAm saddlebags with pinned backs.

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We’re not sure when the idea of having our own engine oil popped up in our heads. But we knew right away its name should show our reverence for the mother of all roads, the Panamericana. It connects North and South America, the Alaska ice with the world’s most southerly beer in Patagonia, all in all being some 25.750 kilometers long, not counting a short trackless stretch in the Panama jungles, where we went in 1996 to find the gruelling “Mud of No Return”. That’s how we got to know and respect the Panamericana. Now we dedicate our range of lubricants, parts and accessories to this road.


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Dealer Inquiries

Dealer customers please mail to for more information about Panamoils‑distribution.

Dealer Inquiries

Dealer customers please mail to for more information about Panamoils‑distribution in your country.